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Surprise! Tove Lo just posted a selfie of her and Charlie Twaddle onto her Instagram story, and it looks like they just got hitched!

Instagram: Tove Lo

I know we can only see like a third of it, but I am HERE for that vintage dress and necklace combo.

If for some reason you’re like, “Where do I know Tove Lo from again?” I got you: Her biggest song to date is the song “Habits (Stay High),” which was basically my sad jam of 2014. Other hits include “Talking Body” and “Close” with Nick Jonas.


However, she’s way more than just the hits —  I’d personally recommend Lady Wood as a great album, but TBH they’re all fantastic.

She also has writing credits on a bunch of songs you might know — like “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding, “Homemade Dynamite” by Lorde, and “Cool” by Dua Lipa.

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Brief Tove Lo gushing session over, what was this article about again? Oh yeah…

Despite her open, often provocative lyrics, Tove Lo has kept pretty quiet about her personal life. Last June, she said that she’d been with her boyfriend for about two years — but didn’t initially name the mystery New Zealander.

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She did say that he was also a creative, which allowed him to travel with her, but not too much else.

However, the pair went Instagram official that same month. “The first year we were together, I was touring like crazy, but whenever I had time off I flew back to LA to see him — no matter where I was,” she said of their early relationship. “I would make up excuses and tell him I had another reason to come back so as not to put pressure on him!”

Charlie has been consistently popping up on Tove’s Instagram — including just four short weeks ago, where she described him as the “love of my life” on his birthday.

And now it seems that the two are officially husband and wife! Congrats to the happy couple!!!

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