The Kissing Booth 2s Joey King and Jacob Elordi Share Advice for Long-Distance Relationships – E! NEWS

Joey King and Jacob Elordi shared the tips and tricks to keeping the magic alive when in a long-distance relationship.

In The Kissing Booth 2, the actors play Elle and Noah, who (spoiler alert!) are doing long-distance now that they’re attending colleges on opposite sides of the country, which, as The Rundown host Erin Lim points out, is “something we can all literally relate to right now.” 

“What advice would you give people just trying to maintain any relationship right now?” Lim asked. 

For Joey, it’s all about keeping the conversation flowing. She replied, “Communication is key. Also, make sure you find time to laugh with each other. Don’t take life too seriously. You should be dating your best friend at the end of the day.”