NXIVM Whistleblower Sarah Edmondson Reacts to Keith Raniere Sentencing – E! NEWS

While former NXIVM members Mark Vicente and India Oxenberg read victim impact statement’s in court, the former actress says she opted to send a video, explaining, “Keith has taken enough of my time.”

As to how she chose to address the man she once called “Vanguard,” Edmondson shares, “I called him a grifter, a parasite and a liar, among other things, and I think I got to have my final, final word with him. I said this is not a victim impact statement. This is a survivor statement.”

With this chapter now closed, Sarah is able to reflect on how far she’s come since escaping the alleged cult.

“I learned that I’m stronger than I ever could have known,” she shares. “I’ve learned who I am, I’ve learned what my character is, which is so ironic because Keith tried to teach us about character and of course it meant that I needed to leave the group, and help take down the group in order to discover what my true character is really made of.”