Nobunny Quits Music After Admitting to Taking Advantage of Young Women & Teenage Girls – Billboard

Nobunny, the rock musician best known for his onstage attire of a decaying rabbit mask, released a statement on Thursday (July 23) amid sexual misconduct allegations against Burger Records’ bands and staff.

“I don’t believe I have been publicly ‘called out’ but it is def long past time for me to say something. I f—ed up bad. I used my power and influence to take advantage of young women and teenage girls,” the singer, born Justin Champlin, wrote via Facebook. “I have hurt people. I let my ‘fame’ go to my head. Young money acting dummy. My time is up.”

“I am truly sorry to anyone who was hurt by me. Nobunny was supposed to be about love and silliness and it got dark,” he continued, before noting, “Everything I have ever done was consensual and seemingly enjoyed by both parties, but with age, gender, and power dynamics, I realize that consent isn’t always there if the power dynamic is off.”

He concluded his statement by revealing that he is quitting music. “Nobunny is over. Thank you all for your past support over these 19 years. I’ll be removing all the social media in the next 48 hours.”

“Again I am truly sorry and deeply ashamed and I apologize to all the survivors and victims of myself and the toxic scene at large that I am a part of,” Champlin concluded. “I know this will not be enough for some. I am trying my best and will continue to try harder.”

Earlier this week, Burger Records announced “major structural changes” after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against the California garage rock label and record store’s artists and employees emerged on social media.

Burger co-founder and president Lee Rickard stepped down, co-founder Sean Bohrman moved into a “transitional” role, and Jessa Zapor-Gray became interim label president, with plans to rename the label BRGR RECS and launch an all-woman imprint, BRGRRRL.