Miley Cyrus Covers the Beatles Help! at Global Goal Concert – Billboard

Miley Cyrus brought a rollicking solo performance of the classic Beatles tune “Help!” to an empty Spieker Field at the Rose Bowl for the “Global Goal: Unite for Our Future” concert.

The song title was displayed in big letters across the Pasadena, Calif., field. Cyrus’ stage was the dot at the bottom of the exclamation point.

“Global Goal” streamed on Saturday (June 27) to shed a light on communities disproportionately affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“I dedicated this performance to everyone who is working tirelessly for testing, treatments and vaccines so all of us can come together in places like this empty stadium…. I can’t wait to be together again,” Cyrus wrote on Twitter.

Besides covering the 1965 Beatles single for the event, Cyrus also took the time to discuss — as she wrote on social media — “how her generation is speaking up to demand action and change.”

“My generation is hungry for change and is leading that charge in many ways,” the singer said. “I’ve just been a student, over the last few months and especially over the few weeks in my home country. I’ve been a student of these organizers and being able to learn and educate myself. That’s kind of what my time is filled with at this moment, even through Global Citizen, just educating myself. I think that’s the first step to making change.”

She added: “Young people are using their voices every day to demand that change, and especially now in this activism, even though change is taking time, we want it to lead to lasting change. Something that has been kind of in my mind was wanting to go back to normal, but this ‘new’ normal of we don’t want to go back to the way things were before. We want to go to a more improved, inspired way of life.”

Watch Cyrus sing “Help!” and join the Global Citizen conversation below.