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What does your free tarot card clarify for you, zodiac signs?

Your free tarot card reading is here for you and all zodiac signs starting Monday, July 27, 2020.

The astrology of the day includes a Sun in the zodiac sign of Leo. The First Quarter Moon will be located in the sign of Scorpio and perfect at 8:34 a.m. EST.

Here’s what your free tarot card reading has in store for your zodiac sign today.

Influencing your free tarot card reading, the Sun is in Leo where all zodiac signs can experience charm, with a little bit of drama.

Mixed together with the First Quarter Moon in Scorpio, all zodiac signs can see deep feelings.

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This Leo Sun calls you to know you are meant for more and urges you to seek the greatness that you know you can be.

The mysterious Scorpio Moon asks you to explore your deepest desires, asking yourself how you can manifest your dreams into reality.

Leo Sun and Scorpio Moon people are charmers, able to manifest by working through their own subconscious to make desire seep into reality.

Celebrities with Leo Sun and Scorpio Moon placements are celebrities Kylie Jenner and Mia Kunis.

People with these placements are known to be magnetic, radiating a spark of magic in every (successful) move they make.

They are regal people, easily mistaken for modern royalty.

Although they might seem down to earth, there is an intensity that is unmistakable with these placements, from anything to the way they communicate to the gaze in their eyes.

What does this mean for your zodiac sign and your free tarot card reading for Monday?

This means that all zodiac signs and their inner emotions will be deeply moved.

The Quarter Moon can influence us in ways that we typically wouldn’t reserve our energy for.

This could even be seen as a call to change what you no longer desire which can be expressed in your daily horoscope or how you interpret your free tarot card reading.

There is something more you are meant for and it’s been calling you for some time. You can progress with charm and enthusiasm as you work with the Leo sun.

Read on for your zodiac sign’s free tarot card reading for Monday, July 27, 2020.

Free tarot card reading for Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Tarot card: The Devil

Aries, the Devil tarot card means that temptations are calling you right now.

You have a strong desire for life to be different and a drive to make it happen.

However, the opportunities presenting themselves today may not be exactly as they appear.

Although the options you see before you may provide instant pleasure and gratification, they may not be exactly as they appear.

This calls to a consequence later on that is not worth the relief it could provide for today. Use that desire to invest in long term planning.

Although it may not be as rewarding at the moment, it will clear the way for a much happier future for you.

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Free tarot card reading for Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Tarot card: Temperance

Taurus, the Temperance tarot card means that you are bringing balance to your universe with the actions you make.

This is a call to an end of the conflicts that have been tormenting your energy and making you feel as though you aren’t good enough.

Don’t spend your money today; you may feel an impulse to do something to shake up the status quo.

Instead of using money, save and find a creative project at home that you can dabble in.

Make a little time to create some art today if you’re the creative type.

If you’re more of a linear thinker, this looks more like a call to feng shui your home to your satisfaction.

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Free tarot card reading for Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Tarot card: Knight of Swords

Gemini, the Knight of Swords tarot card means you will need to reign in the confidence that the sun in Leo has to offer.

This is a drive to ending what you no longer feel called to and to push toward what you have wanted all the time you’ve been stuck entertaining something you no longer desire.

Know that the changes you wish to make in your life are worthy, if not for the reasons you can find, then simply because they are what you want.

Don’t you know that your life is worth living in a way that satisfies you and not the people around you?

Be cautious that when you move forward you don’t misplace your anger for your spent energy towards the wrong people.

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Free tarot card reading for Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Tarot card: Six of Pentacles

Cancer, the Six of Pentacles can indicate that you should ask yourself what you’re able to give to others.

Could you donate to an organization that is advocating for something you believe in?

Can you extend your energy to a friend in need?

The best way to promote yourself to your highest version of self is to be able to give back in any way you can afford.

You don’t have to have wealth to be able to provide for someone else, all you need is mental space to be able to support and lift your community.

By making these connections you will find that your life improves as well as your work productivity and flow.

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Free tarot card reading for Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Tarot card: Seven of Pentacles

Leo, you’ve been working hard to bring in some reward in your life.

Know that your efforts are being seen by the universe and what you desire is awaiting you…with a little more effort on your part first.

What you crave is taking longer than expected to manifest; this might agitate your fiery burn.

However, know that you are on the right track to making this magic appear in your life.

Keep putting your energy into working hard for what you want, even if you’re tired (but be sure to give yourself plenty of breaks so you’re not too tired).

The energy you put in will be reciprocated back, perhaps even more than you expected.

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Free tarot card reading for Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Tarot card: Six of Swords

Virgo, don’t be so stagnant!

Get up today and move around; leave your house if you can and try to go for a long walk (preferably by a body of water for premium introspection).

Whether you like it or not, change is happening in your life.

This is inevitable, as the Six of Swords reveals. Take some time to meditate on this today and make sure that the change that is arising is in a direction you wish to be headed.

If you do not hone in on exactly what you want, the universe might misinterpret what you need and bring you somewhere you did not anticipate.

No matter what actions you take today, know that your life is steadily moving along.

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Free tarot card reading for Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Tarot card: Nine of Swords

Libra, it feels as though you awakened into a nightmare today.

This card denotes that you will be having a lot of anxiety surrounding you today.

It’s okay; this isn’t forever. It is important to remind yourself that a lot of your negative feelings are manifestations from your own head.

Things are not as bad as they initially feel right now. Focus on taking care of yourself today.

The hours will pass by slowly, especially if you’re lacking a good night’s rest.

Do what you can to survive the day and know that when you awake tomorrow the options are limitless for a better day.

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Free tarot card reading for Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Tarot card: Nine of Wands

Scorpio, you must be so tired from the battles that have been fighting.

Take a moment for respite, to dress your wounds and ease your mind.

You will be victorious against the forces that have been attacking you.

Your secret weapon actually lies within you; a long-forgotten superpower that is hidden deep inside.

Take a little time to strategize how you’ll be making your next move.

Today is not a call to action, but rather a day to plan and to look inward.

Expect to see some delays and time to move slowly today.

Plans may be canceled on you, and while you may feel disappointed, know that something so much better awaits.

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Free tarot card reading for Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Tarot card: Two of Swords

Sagittarius, you’re being pulled in two separate directions and you’re unsure of which to take.

It would be easiest to avoid the situation entirely, but what good comes of that?

Instead of running away from your problems, it might be best to create a pro versus con list of the options that await you. It’s okay to be at a stalemate.

While you must make a decision, it’s important to note that you need to devote time to figure out exactly what you seek out of life.

This card also denotes that there may be a better understanding if you open up your ears and heart to hearing someone else.

This could lead to a reconciliation that makes your decision that much easier to make.

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Free tarot card reading for Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Tarot card: Six of Cups

Capricorn, nostalgia will be a common theme in your day.

You will be looking back on childhood memories with an open heart.

This might even cause you to feel an influx of emotions that create a desire for change in your life today.

What are you missing from your past that you can emulate and recreate for today?

This might be a good day to call upon an old friend that you haven’t heard from in a while.

The memories that you’re missing are coming to you to create a new beginning for yourself.

Service your inner child first, and ask what they need. You owe that much to them.

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Free tarot card reading for Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Tarot card: Eight of Pentacles

Aquarius, a long-awaited promotion is coming to you…just not as quickly as you’d like.

Today you need to keep to your work, investing your energies into your efforts with diligent care.

You are creating a better life for yourself, even on the days that you’re just keeping up with your routine.

Anyone who knows you, Aquarius, knows you haven’t given up on the things you desire.

Keep investing yourself in making these dreams come into fruition.

You might be further away than you wish to be, but today you are that much closer to manifesting what you seek.

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Free tarot card reading for Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Tarot card: The High Priestess

Pisces, this is a call to seek your inner intuition above any other guidance today.

Your third eye is beaming with insight; tap into this energy to receive the answers you’ve been waiting for.

If you have been looking for a higher power to show you the way, today is the day.

Be cautious of being overly cruel when trying to tap into this energy; still, keep your compassion with you when you look inward for the messages you seek.

If there is anything you make sure to do today, it’s to tap into your subconscious mind and listen to what it is trying to tell you. Allow it to be your guide.

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