Britney Spears Manager Gets Hate From Fans While Britneys Mom Rocks a Bikini On Vacation – The Blast

Jamie Lynn showed off a bunch of photos from the family’s day at the beach, which included some stunning shots of mom, 65-year-old Lynne Spears. Of the 60,000 likes the pics received from friends and fans, one of them came from Lou Taylor, who also dropped a comment in Jamie Lynn’s IG feed, writing “Looks amazing.”

The comment was innocent enough, but it set off a nuclear bomb with fans of Britney Spears, who immediately hauled off on the music executive.

“f you,” one fan immediately wrote to Taylor.

Other comments began flooding in, but they were mysteriously erased and not viewable within Jamie Lynn’s page.

The anger from many of Britney’s fans towards Lou Taylor stems from the singer’s strict conservatorship and feeling from many that Lou is controlling much of Britney’s life.