Brie Larson is a YouTuber now – The A.V. Club

In what we can only assume is the first step in some sort of nefarious scheme to lure every obnoxiously loud male commenter on the internet into a single location—and then the trap is sprung!—Brie Larson launched a new YouTube channel today. The channel currently features only one video, showing Larson explaining her love for the platform, then brief snippets of her talking to a whole bunch of famous YouTube folks, who are still probably not as a famous as Brie Larson, Oscar winner and movie star.

But hey: Larson seems to be having fun. And since “seeming to have fun” is the single most important trait pretty much any YouTube star can possess, we can only assume that this latest endeavor will be another massive success for the Room and Captain Marvel star. That being said, she does seem to be having a little bit of the Will Smith problem, at least for now: You know, the thing where someone is massively famous, but for something that doesn’t necessarily translate to social media stardom, so they have to spend a bunch of time asking people “Hey, what should I do on my channel?” So far, that mostly entails taking a lot of Zoom calls—because famous people really are just like the rest of us—and enthusiastically cracking jokes about how she doesn’t know what to make videos about. (And also, of course, preparing the webcam-enabled bear traps, for that grim and wonderful day when just a few more loud dudes show up to tell her she should almost definitely be smiling more.)