August Alsina Stands By His “Truth” After Jada Pinkett Smith Denies Relationship – E! NEWS

August Alsina has spoken out after Jada Pinkett Smith denied his claim that Will Smith gave the two adults his “blessing” to be in a sexual relationship.

He took to Instagram on Friday afternoon to discuss the he-said, she-said, all the while never mentioning Jada or her husband’s name.

In the long post he covered many topics and ideas, including tradition and perception, but in sum, August doubled down on what he says is “his truth.” 

He wrote in part, “I get it; not only do i get it but I’m also sorry you feel that way, BUT, The only attack here is against the invisible walls of silent societal construct and ‘code’ we place upon each other & upon ourselves hidden behind the desires of others approval & acceptance.” 

Alsina added that he thinks “Truth & Transparency makes us uncomfortable,” but stated he “can’t apologize for that.” 

“My truth is MY truth, & its mine to own. There is no right or wrong here, it simply just IS,” the “Nunya” artist explained.