Adele Just Re-Wore Her 2016 Glastonbury Dress And This Is What Happens After 5 Ciders – BuzzFeed

Remember when Adele slayed at Glastonbury in 2016?

It was a moment. A moment that is most pleasing to me.

Well, on Saturday, Adele relived the experience when she watched her Glastonbury set on TV with the rest of us at home.

“5 ciders in,” she captioned an Instagram post, revealing how she was watching the BBC broadcast.

Oversized t-shirt? Check. Sparkly sweatpants? Check. A mini fan that doubles as a microphone? Check. Adele was clearly ready to get down, y’all.

And what happens when you’re five ciders in? You pull out your original Glastonbury dress to perform in, naturally 😅.

The 32-year-old first wore the beaded gown with chiffon sleeves on the Pyramid Stage at the annual UK festival.

Rocking out to your own music at home while wearing the dress you wore to perform live at Glastonbury? That’s iconic.

Now if only we could get some new music. I’m ready to see Adele perform new hits at Glastonbury 2021 🙏🏾.

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