10 Indie Albums Similar To Taylor Swifts Folklore – BuzzFeed

Why you should listen: Before Taylor Swift, there was Rilo Kiley. Jenny Lewis became an indie legend for penning extremely relatable songs about her personal experiences, including very raw, witty songs about painful romantic experiences. (And yes, Jenny and Taylor do have a past love in common: Jake Gyllenhaal.)

Though More Adventurous is very different from Folklore, Jenny takes a very similar approach, combining autobiographical songs with compelling fictional stories. Also, “Portions for Foxes” has been one of my favorite songs for a decade and it’s an anthem for anyone who’s fallen for someone completely wrong for them.

Standout tracks: “It’s a Hit,” “Does He Love You?,” “Portions for Foxes,” “I Never,” “More Adventurous,” and “A Man/Me/Then Jim.”