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Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters in She-HulkTatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters in She-Hulk

The trailer for Marvel’s Disney+ She-Hulk series has dropped, and it’s revealed a lot of cool cameos! One of the weirdest cameos, though, is a Marvel … uh, superhero, I guess? One that I don’t think anyone ever expected to see in the MCU.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, premiering on Disney+ on August 17, tells the story of Bruce Banner’s cousin, Jennifer Walters. Jennifer is a mild-mannered lawyer representing super humans, when a car accident leaves her in desperate need of a blood transfusion. When Bruce is the only one who can donate, he inadvertently gives her his power to transform into the Hulk. Thus, She-Hulk is born! The 9-episode series will follow Jennifer as she tries to juggle her newfound superpowers (and the instant fame that goes with them) with her duties in the courtroom.

Jennifer will be joined by Marvel characters like Bruce, Wong, and Emil Blonsky, also known as Abomination. But a lightning-fast moment in the trailer reveals another character who will be joining her: Frog-Man.

Pretty fly for a green guy

An image from a comic book of Frog-Man jumping.
Frog-Man (Marvel)

The She-Hulk trailer features a montage of various fight scenes, and about a minute and a half in, we see a glimpse of a guy in a frog costume assuming a fighting stance. We only see him for a split second, but if you read Marvel comics, there’s no mistaking him: that definitely looks like Frog-Man.

For a minor character in the comics, Frog-Man has a surprisingly rich history. His name is Eugene Patilio, and he’s the son of the ill-fated supervillain Vincent Patilio, who invented a set of coils that allowed him to jump up to six stories in the air. Vincent, who dubbed himself Leap-Frog, ended up in prison, and when Eugene found his father’s old suit and coils, he decided to make up for his family’s past by becoming the superhero the Fabulous Frog-Man. In the comics, Eugene gets around, helping out Spider-Man, the Avengers, and other heroes and teams.

What’s Eugene doing in She-Hulk? Let’s not jump to conclusions

So what part will Frog-Man play in She-Hulk?

We have no idea yet! It’s even possible that that’s not Frog-Man at all, but Leap-Frog. Remember that Marvel Studios takes a lot of liberties with its source material from the comics, so it’s hard to make any solid predictions at this point. It’s possible that’s Eugene in the suit, and that he’ll act as an ally to Jennifer. Or it could be Vincent, looking to make trouble.

We also don’t know how big of a role Frog-Man (or Leap-Frog) will play in the series. It’s possible that he’ll have a substantial role (after all, he’s great comic relief, even in the trailer), but it’s also possible that he’ll just be a brief Easter egg. We’ll have to wait until August 17 to find out, when She-Hulk: Attorney at Law makes its way to all of our lily pads.

(featured image: Marvel Studios)

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