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Margot Robbie and Christina Hodson are back.

Shiver me timbers, there’s going to be a new Pirates Of The Caribbean movie!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the new project will star Margot Robbie in a “female-fronted” movie.

The project will also see Margot team up with screenwriter Christina Hodson again — you might recognize the pair’s names from Birds of Prey.

This movie is separate to the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean reboot, which, as of late 2019, was in early development with Craig Mazin and Ted Elliott. Currently, it’s not clear whether or not Johnny Depp will be in said reboot amidst ongoing legal trouble with ex-wife Amber Heard.

However, even though we don’t know many plot details as of now, the Margot Robbie version will be “a wholly original story with new characters” that is not a spin-off of the original.

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People went to Twitter to voice their frustration that Depp would likely not be appearing in the new Pirates movie:

It’s simple .. if the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie has no Captain Jack Sparrow, no Johnny Depp, I’m not watching it 🤚🏼

08:35 PM – 26 Jun 2020

johnny depp didn’t carry the whole pirates of the caribbean franchise on his back for almost 20 years to have disney trying to erase the work he put his soul into nope i won’t be accepting it

07:48 PM – 26 Jun 2020

So they’re making a new pirates of the Caribbean reboot WITHOUT Johnny depp …. lol no try again

08:33 AM – 27 Jun 2020

I would just like to point out that I’m not against Margot Robbie starring in a Pirates Of The Caribbean movie. I just think she should be starring along side Johnny Depp who made the franchise what it is.

08:02 PM – 26 Jun 2020

However, others were excited — especially about Margot’s casting:

margot robbie is playing harley quinn, she played tonya harding, Queen Elizabeth, and jane porter. she might play tinker bell, and now she’s gonna play barbie and star as a pirate in pirates of the caribbean, she truly has the range

10:55 PM – 26 Jun 2020

I haven’t cared for Pirates of the Caribbean in ages. But Margot Robbie as the lead? Oh girl. I’m already getting hot and bothered at the thought of her as a badass pirate flirting with the ladies! Swoon alert!

08:07 PM – 26 Jun 2020

hmm although i’m sad Depp won’t be in the new Pirates movie (i’m assuming, hopefully i’m wrong) i’m excited to see what Margot brings to the table, she’s amazing

08:08 PM – 26 Jun 2020

I say let’s see where this goes before we condemn it to the realms of a failed film, can’t judge a film without anything to judge and besides Margot Robbie is definitely an excellent pick to play a quirky, eccentric pirate, also look at Birds Of Prey, that turned out pretty good

08:42 PM – 26 Jun 2020

can’t wait for margot robbie to take up the time-honored keira knightley mantle of making teen girls gay

09:05 PM – 26 Jun 2020

Anyways. Margot Robbie is one of the most ruthless and emotional actresses out there. She takes in every role like it was meant for her , like it had always been her. I’m excited to see what she does with this movie. The men can stay mad don’t no body care

03:52 PM – 27 Jun 2020

As to what the movie will actually be like, only time will tell.

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