Hamilton Parody Makes Light of the Debate Over Wearing Face Masks: Watch – Billboard

The ongoing mask debate across the United States has gotten the Hamilton treatment just in time for the musical’s Disney+ premiere this weekend.

A YouTube parody brings the coronavirus pandemic pro-mask and anti-mask sides head to head, with lyrics themed the soundtrack of Hamilton.

The clip, uploaded by the Holderness Family, gets straight to the topic as it opens with a call-and-response to the tune of “Aaron Burr, Sir”:

“Pardon me, do you have germs, sir?”

“No, I don’t — and that’s my business, not yours, sir. I have my rights and have my freedom.”

“To be sure, sir…”

“But this corona is a sham.”

“I’m getting nervous, sir.”

The humorous song goes on to address everything from the very serious reality of the virus to conspiracy theories — and both sides even agree, if just for a moment, about how rough being in quarantine with kids can be — before transitioning to the next Hamilton-inspired tunes about why everyone should “just agree wear a tiny flipping mask.”

Watch the “Hamilton Mask-Up” parody below.