Ariel Winter compared to Marilyn Monroe after she reveals platinum blond makeover – Yahoo Entertainment

It’s the peak of summer — but a certain Modern Family star is reminding fans that “Winter is coming!”

That’d be Ariel Winter, who resurfaced on Instagram Saturday with her first personal portrait since May 5. The pic — which shows the 22-year-old actress lounging on a backyard banquette in jeans and a floral-print top — reveals that she’s now a platinum blonde. Fittingly, given her Game of Thrones-inspired caption, Winter now has the same hair color of Daenerys Targaryen.

Though her Modern Family character, whiz kid Alex Dunphy, stayed true to her dark brown locks and sensible spectacles for 11 seasons, the show’s early April series finale has given Winter the opportunity to branch out. In February, she channeled her Disney namesake with a redheaded makeover she likened to a strawberry shortcake.

She’s now giving fans “Marilyn Monroe vibes,” in the words of one Instagram commenter. Many agreed that she’s “serving Marilyn realness.”

“You could play Marilyn,” another comment read.

“Looking like Monroe!” a fan added.

Others compared her to Emilia Clarke’s dragon-loving Daenerys, to which Winter responded with a flame emoji.

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