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On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Larissa Dos Santos Lima makes a choice to call Colt Johnson’s new girlfriend, Jess Caroline. Read on to learn how it all played out and what fans have to say about the unique conversation between the two.

Larissa calls Colt’s new girlfriend

Larissa Dos Santos LimaLarissa Dos Santos Lima
Larissa Dos Santos Lima | Bryan Steffy/WireImage

On the most recent episode of the hit series, Larissa gives
Colt’s new girlfriend a call. “I want to pay back what Colt did to me,” Larissa
says before calling Jess. “I’m not going to be quiet when I know who Colt is.”

Larissa calls Jess after messaging her on social media. Larissa tells her who she is, and Jess asks why she is calling her. “I have some things to tell about Colt,” Larissa says. “Jessica, Colt is a demon. I know everything is perfect with him from the begin, but he change.”

Jess says she believes Colt is “a good guy.”

Larissa tells Jess her side of things

“I know you are an immigrant like me,” Larissa says. “You need to be careful with your status you know?” Larissa explains her side of things including that she feels Colt is trying to get her deported. She warns Jess to be careful.

“I know that I was arrested, and I’m a little bit crazy, but
I look at your profile and I see that you are a good girl. So I don’t want that
to happen the same thing that happened to me,” Larissa explains.

When Jess starts to defend him, Larissa asks her if Colt is hiding his phone around her. She answers “Yes.”

“Congratulations, welcome to the club,” Larissa replies. “He’s a geeky player.” She also calls Colt’s mother a “wolf.” Jess says she wants her relationship to work with Colt. Larissa tells her to remember her words and Jess promptly hangs up the phone.

Fans react to Larissa Dos Santos Lima’s conversation with Colt’s new girlfriend

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Fans have a lot of feelings about Larissa’s conversation
with Colt’s girlfriend. A lot of people found the whole thing hilarious considering
Larissa is supposed to be moving on and happy without Colt, yet she’s calling
Jess to stir the pot.

“Larissa out here trying to ruin Coltee’s life when he
already does a fine job of it on his own… btw, he’s really trying hard at
being a player, gross,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

Many fans thought it was hilarious that Larissa saved Jess in
her phone in a unique way. “Lmao now Larissa got Colt’s new girlfriend’s name
saved as ‘Colte Gal,’” a fan wrote on Twitter.

Some fans are perplexed as to why Larissa called Jess in the
first place. “I still don’t understand why Jess even spoke to Larissa?!
#90DayFiance She even said too much to Larissa,” another Twitter
user wrote.

One fan thinks Larissa is looking for payback out of the situation. “Larissa wants payback first and foremost. However, what she said to Jess was 100,” a Twitter user said.

Others tend to agree. “Larissa is out for revenge. She never
has good intentions. She is jealous,” a Twitter
user wrote.

Fans have a lot of thoughts when it comes to Larissa’s
conversation with Colt’s new girlfriend.