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42 Dugg recently went off on a homophobic rant on Instagram seemingly in response to some people having an issue with how the rapper showed affection to his son.

On Friday (July 30), the Detroit artist posted a video on IG of him sharing a moment with his child. In the clip, Dugg licks the young boy’s neck before kissing him on the shoulder and neck area. Some people had a problem with the video. “Why did he flick his tongue like that on his neck? Made me very uncomfortable like what,” one person commented about the clip.

“I understand showing your kids love but he just tongued his neck down,” someone else wrote.

In response to the uproar over the video, Dugg hopped on Instagram and put up a lengthy post with his thoughts about homosexuality. “Ain’t nobody going for that gay ass hoe ass shit y’all on,” he started. “Y’all [quick] to get on some gay bitch ass shit but when a nigga jump down on one you hoe niggas and call somebody out we homophobic. Don’t nobody give a fuck about that shit. Y’all don’t [know] us. We entertainers that’s it. We not here to coach you on life. If I say I’m not with that gay shit that’s where y’all should leave it.”

“He continued, “Quit tryna shove that shit down niggas throats. Ah gay nigga ah be on national tv tonguing down another hoe ass nigga, but that’s ok though. Y’all or no motherfucker on earth ain’t finna make me like shit ion like and if y’all don’t like me fuck y’all get wit me. Keep my son out y’all mouth flat out.”

He accented the post with the line, “Suck my dick you gay bitches.”

Dugg’s rant comes on the heels of DaBaby being the center of attention for homophobic comments he made during his performance at the 2021 Rolling Loud Miami Festival. While T.I. and Boosie BadAzz have come to DaBaby’s defense, many more people have called the North Carolina rapper out including Questlove and Madonna. DaBaby was recently reportedly dropped from the lineup at the upcoming 2021 Parklife Festival in the U.K. due to his comments.

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